Moscatel XENYS White Wine


Denominación de origen DOP Jumilla

Tipo de vino White


Tasting notes

Nota de cata en vistaPale, greenish tones with golden undertones

Nota de cata en narizGreat aromatic intensity with fruity notes

Nota de cata en bocaComplex and well structured

Grado alcohólicoAlcoholic grade: 10%

Temperatura de servicioOperating temperature: 14 to 18ºC

Xenys white wine made from small-grain Moscatell vineyards in the sunny Hoya de Torres Valley. Ideal soils to obtain a high concentration of aromas from this variety.

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Elaboration and aging

  • Vinification: After destemming the grapes, the vinification process is carried out in stainless steel tanks for 15 days at a maximum temperature of 14ºC.


  • Traditional: : Seafood, fish, soft cheeses, dishes with creamy sauces.
  • Vegan: Tofu, Risotto, vegetable curry, fresh salads

Additional information

Weight 750 ml




Brand Xenysel
Preferred consumption Before 2 years
Maker Bodegas Xenysel
Model Xenys
Country of origin Spain
Alternate name White wine Jumilla
Type White

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