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We have been in the best restaurants and wine shops, we sell our wines all over Spain and the rest of Europe since our beginnings.

We belong to the Jumilla PDO for premium wines.

We ship your orders anywhere in Europe.

We offer you the best prices and conditions

Wholesale Wine Distributor

From Bodegas Xenysel, we distribute our wines throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, in countries such as France, Germany, Denmark and many others.

We offer you the best prices and conditions so that you can buy PDO Jumilla wines and offer them in your hotel, restaurant or food distribution business.

We comply with the strictest European food quality standards, being more demanding than the legislation itself, because we want to offer you the best product.

Wholesale Wines

Buy safe, buy PDO Jumilla wine from Bodegas Xenysel.

The DOP Jumilla seal that you will see on our bottles guarantees the authenticity of our wines and a strict control of the entire production process.


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Wine Sales to Professionals

Choose a professional and dedicated wholesale wine distributor focused on growing your business. Contact us to enjoy a quality product and service:

  1. We send it to where you need it with a fast and safe transport.
  2. Quality of the wines with the Jumilla PDO certification label.
  3. Value for money for a premium product at a competitive price.
  4. Dedicated customer service so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  5. We have a large production capacity to support peaks of high demand on important dates.
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