Enjoy our tour to a winery in Jumilla with a unique wine tourism experience

Jumilla Wine Tasting


You can buy tour acces to our wineries from here. Visits will take place between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Usually they are on weekends, although if you are a group, we can adjust the day of the week that suits best to you. You can specify in the notes of your order the dates and times of your preferences.

Visit to the DOP Jumilla Winery


We welcome you to our Xenysel Winery’s, where wine tourism comes to life and each visit is an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

We are among the best wineries in Jumilla to visit, located in the heart of the DOP Jumilla, renowned wine region known internationally for the quality of its wines. Our winery offers to wine lovers a unique opportunity to explore and delight in the magic of the winemaking process. From the moment you step forward in our facilities, you will be transported to a fascinating universe where the wine is the undisputed protagonist.

DOP Jumilla
Jumilla Wine Route
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Jumilla cellars wine tasting


Our team of expert oenologists will guide you through the vineyards, sharing with you their passion for viticulture and revealing the secrets of each strain that flourishes in our lands. You will learn about the growth cycle of the vine, from the delicate stage of pruning to the exciting harvest, when the ripe bunches become the very essence of the wine.

Once inside our Xenysel Wineries, you will witness the meticulous winemaking process. You will discover the traditional techniques that have accompanied us for years in this family winery that continues a modern process to make our DOP Jumilla wines. From the French and American oak barrels where the fermented grapes rest to the tasting rooms where you will enjoy the flavors and textures.

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Wineries in Jumilla to Visit


Wine tourism is not just about admiring and learning, it is also about tasting and enjoying. in our cellarwe offer you DOP Jumilla wine tasting where you can enjoy a selection of our best wines. With expert winemakers by your side, you will enter a world of shades, exploring the unique flavors that unfold in each glass. From the first sip to the last, your senses will awaken and you will be transported to a universe of incomparable sensations.

In our warehouse, wine tourism is more than a simple tour, is a sensory journey that will allow you to explore the exciting world of wine. Join us and discover the magic that is hidden between the vines and the barrels. We are waiting for you with a glass in hand!

Among all our team at Xenysel winery we make this the best winery to visit in Jumilla.

Wineries in Jumilla Murcia


Our winery is located in Valle Hoya de Torres (30520), in Jumilla, Murcia – Spain.

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Does this tour to Jumilla wineries belong to the DOP?

Yes, Bodegas Xenysel belongs to the DOP Jumilla, as well as our wines. This supervisory council is one of the most important in Spain to guarantee the highest quality of our wines.

What are the best wineries in Jumilla to visit?

We recommend all the wineries that belong to the DOP Jumilla, most of us offer superior quality wine tourism tours in Jumilla. At Bodegas Xenysel we await you with open arms to give you an unforgettable experience and wine tasting in Jumilla. You will leave here thinking that it is the best visit to a winery in Jumilla.

Is Xenysel winery on the Jumilla Wine Route?

Yes, we belong to the Wine Route in Jumilla, in which wine lovers enjoy an incomparable wine tourism experience. We are within the wineries to visit in Jumilla that you cannot miss.

After the wine tasting in Jumilla, what plan can we enjoy?

Jumilla is a place of leisure and growing tourism where you can enjoy good gastronomy. If you come on summer dates, you will also enjoy the events that Jumilla and the Jumilla Wine Route organize for the tourists.